Commerce Core 2.32 is a maintenance release providing PHP 8.1 compatibility fixes, a requirements bump to Drupal 9.3, and a handful of test fixes. A dozen folks contributed code and patch review to make it happen, with maintainer Jonathan Sacksick (jsacksick) landing a variety of UI improvements during the course of Centarro’s development sprint at DrupalCon Prague.

One notable addition is the definition of an entity label for draft orders, which includes shopping carts, alongside an update to the label for placed orders. Orders are “placed” via a customer completing the checkout process or a store manager placing it via the order management interface, at which time they are assigned order numbers. Placed orders now have a label of “Order ###”, where ### is that assigned order number. Draft orders will use “Draft ###” or “Cart ###”, where ### is the serial numeric order ID.

This change improve page titles, Views listings, breadcrumbs, and other elements of the UI, and we expect to see further changes to improve draft order management in subsequent releases. Other UI improvements include adding the store name to email “From” headers and synchronizing the information shown on the order management interface with the order edit form.

Finally, this release adds condition support to tax type configurations. This allows you to determine which tax types should apply to an order via UI based configuration, whereas previously you would be required to code a custom TaxType plugin. As longtime contributor Jakub Piasecki (zaporylie) of Ny Media explains, this satisfies use cases like configuring the same tax type differently based on some aspect of the order or customer (e.g. including taxes in a price displayed for a B2C customer but not B2B).


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