Today we are talking about Performance, Privacy, and the Open Web with Andrey Lipattsev & Tim Lehnen.

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  • What is the Open Web and what does it have to do with performance and privacy
  • What do we mean by web performance
  • What are the core vitals
  • What are the non core vitals
  • What is the benefit of performance
  • Performance is usually granular for a developer, what is different when looking at industry trends from a browser side
  • What does d.o do
  • DA and Google at DrupalCon
  • What is privacy
  • What is the privacy sandbox in chrome



Andrey Lipattsev – www.linkedin.com/in/andreylipattsev @AndreyLipattsev
Tim Lehnen – @hestenet


Nic Laflin – www.nLighteneddevelopment.com @nicxvan
John Picozzi – www.epam.com @johnpicozzi
Randy Oest – randyoest.com @amazingrando



Martin Anderson-Clutz – @mandclu
Entity Autocomplete Anchor
Nominated by matthieu, who has been a guest on the show and is himself a maintainer of a number of useful modules
Provides a widget that allows users to add anchors to entity reference links


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