Did you know that the average American employee receives about 121 emails per day? Not only is this far too many messages to read, but these same employees only send 40 daily emails. This means that the vast majority simply sit there unread and unacknowledged.

If you’re looking to market a product to interested consumers, you’ll need to make an email that stands out. Using a custom email template can help to get recipients interested enough to click and read what you have to say. Read on to learn the specific benefits of using one of these templates.

Increases Personalization

Around 90% of consumers find personalized content to be more appealing than its generic counterparts. Additionally, 70% of buyers cite personalization as a determining factor in their loyalty to a brand.

Unfortunately, personalization can be a challenge because many employees simply don’t understand customization. Even those that do may not have the time or energy to make it happen.

Using templates for email marketing addresses this issue because design teams can create personalized templates for multiple audiences. You can have different templates for people in various occupations and income brackets that you’re targeting. You can use different templates for audiences that need different pain points resolved.

All that employees need to do is select the template and enter in the limited information necessary. This gets multiple targeted markets customized and relevant emails with minimal work on the part of your business.

Improves Response Rates

Personalization improves response rates in and of itself, but email marketing templates are also viewed as more reputable than other messages. In a time where phishing is commonplace, people are unlikely to click on messages that they don’t recognize. 75% of consumers cite professional email addresses as a crucial factor in whether or not they trust a message.

Consumers will see professional-looking templates in their inboxes that match the brand image of the seller. This makes them understand that they’re getting information from a trusted source rather than a scammer. They’ll feel more comfortable replying to you.

A Custom Email Template Saves Time

If employees need to type out full emails monthly, they’ll need to manually incorporate images and unique HTML coding. They’ll also need to do this for multiple different audiences since there are multiple parts of your target market.

Templates serve as pre-made outlines to eliminate the need for image/coding entry. This can save your employees hours per week and increase productivity. They’ll have more time to spend on other marketing strategies, developing core products, managing teams, innovating, and more.

Increases Automation Simplicity

Another way that email templates save time is by making automation easy. You can fill out templates before an email blast is sent out. Your employees can set a date and time for the email blast and automate the process of getting them into others’ inboxes.

Similarly, your employees can select a monthly date and time to send out an email blast. This means that you won’t need to worry about getting messages out beyond the initial selection of what template goes to who. It also means that you’ll begin to get replies at a consistent time and deal with responses all at once.

VerticalResponse also makes it easy to send automatic follow-up emails to those who didn’t click the first time. You can also send them to those who did click but did not follow links to your webpage. This lets you reach up to 40% more individuals than you otherwise would.

Integrates With Your SalesForce Platform

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Its purpose is to streamline various facets of business including your email marketing campaign. Assuming that you use the correct email template software, you can easily integrate these two platforms for simple email management.

Syncing Salesforce with your VerticalResponse platform lets you move data between platforms. This lets you better understand your target audience and curate email templates. You also can use SalesForce segmentation tools to automatically see which customers and demographics are clicking on your email the most often.

The main impact is getting you a better understanding of which audiences you should focus on marketing towards. You also will have more comprehensive management of your email campaign so that you can send out automated messages quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Makes Document Management Simple

Most businesses have hundreds of documents that they store within their system. Some of these documents are necessary for sending out high-quality emails to consumers. Employees will often take hours looking for this information (and, in some cases, may never find it).

Using email templates lets all data and outlines be stored in a single location. Employees just need to choose the template that they need to send. There can be templates for nurturing leads, making sales, informing clients about your business, or even calling meetings with coworkers.

This makes it easy to manage emails and the documents that make them possible.

Take Your Email Marketing Campaign to the Next Level

While you might think that generic emails will get your point across, custom email templates ensure that consumers will connect with your business. Now that you know how these templates can help with sales conversions, it’s time to get started.

We’re committed to helping you create, manage, and optimize social media campaigns with customizable templates and automated sending. That’s why we’re excited to discuss your individual needs and come up with the right battle plan for your specific SMB. Sign up for our free trial to begin sending emails to your clients that actually convert.

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