Looking to have your website, which will facilitate e-commerce? Then you don’t have to go any further than Drupal, specifically when you want to provide your user with a content-rich e-commerce experience.

Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) that enables users to build and maintain websites. Drupal e-commerce modules are beneficial for managing various aspects of your site. The modules listed here are mostly part of the Drupal Commerce ecosystem.

Here are the top 9 most installed Drupal 9 modules:

1. Drupal Commerce

The Commerce Core module enabled teams to adapt to change and scale easily. Sponsored and maintained by Centarro, this e-commerce module offers features like creating product types with custom attributes, dynamic product pages with one or many variations, multiple order types and correlated checkout flows, promotions with multiple offer types, conditions, and coupons, robust payment API, integrating 100+ payment gateways, address book and order management and tax calculation / VAT support. Additional functionality is provided through contributed modules, such as Recurring, Shipping, Stock, PayPal, AvaTax, and many more.

2. Commerce Shipping

Commerce Shipping module provides a shipping rate calculation system for Drupal Commerce, integrating shipping service selection into the checkout and order edit forms. Shipping service availability and rate calculation are handled in the user interface through Rules and are backed up by an API that gives you a high level of flexibility to implement simple or complex shipping scenarios. This e-commerce module is a framework meant to be used in conjunction with shipping method modules like Commerce Flat Rate, Commerce UPS, and others.

3. Commerce Stock

Commerce Stock module for Drupal Commerce provides stock management for Drupal Commerce stores. This e-commerce Drupal 9 module supports Decimal stock and works with the Inline Entity Form module. It has an advanced configuration of the add-to-cart button action for even more control and the commerce Stock field formatter for converting stock levels into text messages. It has rules and actions for enabling and disabling the add-to-cart form and validating stock for the add-to-cart button action. The e-commerce module also has a rule for checking the cart form submit, which is also used for checkout submit and review submit. The Drupal 9 module also has a new checkout pane placed in the first step of checkout that stops the user from accessing checkout if the order contains out-of-stock items.

4. Commerce Cart API

The Commerce Cart API module provides a RESTful interface to interact with carts in Drupal Commerce via a lightweight public API. A default implementation of the Cart API can be found in the Cart Flyout module. Centarro does the development and maintenance of this e-commerce module.

5. Commerce Checkout Order Fields

Commerce Checkout Order Fields exposes order form display modes as checkout panes, allowing you to collect additional order data during checkout. This e-commerce Drupal 9 module provides a new checkout form view mode on orders so that at least one checkout pane is available. Customizing the form display mode will expose those fields at checkout. You can collect data like order comments, shipping notes, and more.

Commerce Checkout Order Screenshot 1

Commerce Checkout Order Screenshot 2

6. Commerce Cart Redirection

The Commerce Cart Redirect module redirects users to checkout, cart, or an arbitrary location immediately after adding a product to their cart. This action is filterable by product variation type. With this e-commerce module, you can select to remove all items currently in the cart when a new product is added. This option does not limit the quantity of the new item in the cart. It removes all items from the cart and then adds the product variation and quantity of the item in the current add-to-cart request.

7. Commerce Exchanger

Commerce Exchanger module is a currency exchange rates module for Drupal Commerce 2. It is built as a Drupal Commerce plugin-based module for handling external providers and supporting cross-conversion between non-default currencies. This e-commerce module allows manual overriding data per currency, separating Drupal config files for provider setup and imported exchange rates and integration with Commerce Currency Resolver and Commerce Funds. The Currency exchange rate providers for this Drupal 9 module are TransferWise, Fixer, Currencylayer, European Central Bank, Manual plugin – no external provider and many more contributed as separate modules.

Commerce Exchanger - Currency exchanger

Commerce Exchanger Fixer

Commerce Exchanger Manual

Commerce Exchanger - Rates Comparison

8.¬†IP-based Determination of a Visitor’s Country

This e-commerce module uses a visitor’s IP address to identify the user’s geographical location (Country). The IP-based Determination of a Visitor’s Country module makes this determination and stores the result as an ISO 3166 2-character country code in the Drupal $user object. Otherwise, it does not affect the operation of your site. A function is provided for you to perform your lookup and use in your own manner. Features include automatic updates of the IP-country database and admin spoofing of an arbitrary IP or Country for testing purposes.

The database used to make the association between IP address and Country is hosted and maintained by ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers. ARIN is one of the five official Regional Internet Registries (RIR) responsible for assigning IP addresses. If you wish to change it, you can select any of the five registries to use through the menu.

9. Commerce Variation Cart Form

This e-commerce module provides an add-to-cart form for individual Commerce Product Variation entities. The form is added to the Product Variation “manage display” tab as a field and uses the standard Commerce add-to-cart form functionality. Form elements may be configured via a form display mode, “Variation Cart Form,” on the Commerce Order Item Type “manage form display” tab – similar to the configuration for the standard Commerce Product add-to-cart form. The Commerce Variation Cart Form requires Commerce Product, Commerce Order, and Commerce Cart modules.

There are many more modules that you can use, but these are the top 10 most installed e-commerce modules for Drupal 9. Which of these has are you currently using?



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