The last few years in particular have seen stunning breakthroughs with the release of classification models for text and images, large language models such as GPT3 and image generation services such as DALL E 2. It really feels like we are living in the future.

How does this apply to Drupal? Many of the new AI powered services are focussed on content, either augmenting it or creating it. They are therefore a natural ally to CMSs such as Drupal. This presentation will review these developments and will point to a number of pathways for integration into Drupal to improve the content creation process.

The presentation covers the following areas:

  • How Drupal can be used as a data source for model training
  • How data can be integrated back into Drupal for tagging, summarisation and content authoring.

AI integration into Drupal can be acheieved with the new Augmentor module. Augmentor allows for different AI services to be integrated into teh Drupal UI in a plugable way. The presentation demonstrates the following services:

  • OpenAI GPT3: Content summarisation
  • OpenAI GPT3: Content classification
  • Google Cloud Vision Label detection: Image classification


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