We had an amazing year of Whiteboard Friday episodes, ranging in topics from link building to content engines to even, basketball?

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 episodes from the year!

1. Estimating Search Opportunity with Robin Lord

Estimating the opportunities within your various SEO efforts is an important component of your analytics, not only to help determine where to focus your energy, but also to prove the potential value of your work to others. In this episode, Robin walks you through a good strategy for this all-important estimative work.

2. Advanced On-Page SEO Optimizations with Chris Long

Typically, when SEOs think about on-page optimizations, they’re thinking about core places to include their target keywords within their content. But how can you take your on-page optimizations to the next level and get beyond some of those basic tactics? In this Whiteboard Friday, Chris Long shows you how.

3. Moneyball is the Future of SEO with Will Critchlow

In our first episode of 2022, Will Critchlow shows you how, much like the NBA, SEO is undergoing an analytic revolution — and how you can make the most of it.

4. Top 4 Things to Know About GA4 with Dana DiTomaso

Dana brings you some details on the exciting new world of Google Analytics 4. Watch and learn how to talk about it when clients and coworkers are intimidated by the move.

5. A Content Engine that Drives Revenue with Ross Simmonds

In this episode, content marketing expert Ross Simmonds walks you through his method for creating a content marketing engine that will ultimately make you money, rooted in four simple steps: research, creation, distribution, and optimization.

6. How to Find Your Real SEO Competitors with Lidia Infante

Competitive research and analysis is a critical component of your SEO strategy. You may have an idea of who your business competitors are, but your real SEO competitors are the ones who target the same keywords, speak to the same audience, and solve for the same consumer needs. In this Whiteboard Friday, Lidia Infante walks you through two approaches to find out who those competitors are.

7. How to Measure Content Engagement with Dana DiTomaso

When it comes to content engagement, you can (and should) be measuring more than just page views. Analytics expert Dana DiTomaso summarizes her MozCon 2022 presentation by sharing the four things you should focus on to make sure your metrics are giving you the best picture of your content’s quality.

8. Metrics for Better Keyword Research with Tom Capper

Many SEOs think of keyword research as a very basic part of SEO, which can actually be a problem. In this episode, Tom explains some of the common mistakes SEOs make when doing keyword research that are easy to fix, many of which come from metrics like search volume, click-through rate, and difficulty.

9. Visual Search Optimization with Crystal Carter

In this episode, Crystal Carter talks you through the different optimizations that you can make for visual search, and the kinds of results that you might see for visual search content.

10. The Authoritative Content Funnel with Amanda Milligan

Finishing the top 10 list, digital marketing expert Amanda Milligan walks you through the three parts that make up a content funnel for building authority, as well as the types of content that fit into each one.


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