As previously reported, the Community Health Team has started to have regular, bi-weekly meetings in an effort to develop and update the Code of Conduct for the Drupal community.

Community Health Team members present at this week’s meeting were

Our first task was to review our project Miro board (a fancy virtual white board); further refining the tasks and their placement (categories).

We then had a discussion about how best to expand the initial team while still keeping focus. We plan on inviting more community members to participate on specific tasks (including reviewing milestones along the way) at different points in the process in an effort to find and fix potential issues as early as possible. Our discussion led to an initial list of groups we plan on inviting to this process at various stages:

  • Security working group
  • Event organizers working group
  • Drupal Diversity & Inclusion
  • Core committers
  • Top Drupal contributors
  • Top contrib project maintainers
  • Community accessibility experts
  • Various geographic-based groups

We are all in agreement that including non-United States and non-Western European community members as part of this process is a high priority for us. Identifying and contacting community members willing to help will be an early task of ours. This work will begin during the next two weeks.

Our second task for the next two weeks will be to start the process of individually reviewing our existing Code of Conduct as well as those of other communities and sharing relevant feedback at our next meeting.

If you have suggestions for who should be involved in the overall process of updating our Code of Conduct, please let us know in the comments below.


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