Console Connect by PCCW Global has entered into a distribution agreement with Master Concept, a cloud technology advisor, to deliver agile cloud networking solutions to businesses across the Asia Pacific region.

Master Concept provides cloud strategy, implementation and integration support, as well as training and platform enhancements to thousands of businesses across Asia Pacific. By integrating the Console Connect Software Defined Interconnection platform within its cloud solutions portfolio, Master Concept can deliver further value to major cloud platforms and SaaS providers worldwide with higher levels of network security and performance for its enterprise customers.

Through a single management portal, Master Concept can provision a range of cloud connectivity services for its customers, including direct Layer 2 connections to hyper-scale cloud providers, such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, and Layer 3 mesh connectivity between and among different cloud providers and cloud regions.
The platform, which can be integrated via API, is underpinned by PCCW Global’s high-performance network, offering comprehensive end-to-end SLAs that make it suitable for accessing mission-critical and latency sensitive applications and workloads.

“Secure and flexible connectivity is fundamental to any cloud transformation project. We are excited to be working alongside Master Concept to enhance their cloud solutions portfolio and make it easier for enterprises to connect to the cloud across Asia Pacific and worldwide,” said Michael Glynn, Senior Vice President, Digital Automated Innovation, PCCW Global.

“Through Console Connect, we have been able to quickly bring new cloud connectivity solutions to market and help our enterprise customers get closer to the cloud. We look forward to growing our collaboration further through the new PartnerConnect program,” said Victor Leung, Director and Co-founder, Master Concept.

“We are delighted to be one of the launch partners for Console Connect’s new global PartnerConnect program which enables Master Concept to deliver secure and agile cloud capabilities to our enterprise customers,” said Derek Chan, Director and Co-founder, Master Concept.

Console Connect’s PartnerConnect program is designed to drive revenue growth and customer success through the Console Connect Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform. The program helps managed services providers, systems integrators, value added resellers, and application providers extend their service portfolio, and securely connect their customers, clouds, and applications worldwide.

Benefits of the PartnerConnect program include:
• The ability to integrate Console Connect services and applications via API.
• Private connections over one of the world’s largest high-performance networks with assured quality of service and the ability to scale and flex on-demand.
• Access to tools, technical and commercial support, training, and sales and marketing expertise.



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