Hey folks! If you’ve been keeping up with the latest DigitalOcean news, you might be aware that we recently announced our acquisition of a company called Cloudways. In case you’re curious about what this means, we thought it might be helpful to share a short description of Cloudways and why we’re pumped to have them join the DO and CSS-Tricks family!

What is Cloudways?

Many of the technologies and tricks we love at CSS-Tricks make it easier for us and you to design cool websites and build applications. One of the reasons DigitalOcean was excited to team up with CSS-Tricks is that we love helping developers and small technology-powered businesses do what they love. At DigitalOcean and CSS-Tricks, we strive to do this through education and products that make your lives easier.

And this is why Cloudways was so interesting to our team. Cloudways offers managed hosting right on top of a cloud provider. So, in addition to the 24/7 support, back-ups, monitoring, SSL, optimized caching, and other benefits you get from a managed host, you also get to deploy from Cloudways on a variety of cloud providers (including DigitalOcean, among others, of course!) in a few easy clicks.

That means you gain a bunch of things, like speedy CDN delivery, serverless functions, and Kubernetes — basically everything you’d want from a cloud provider — baked right into a managed hosting plan that lets you deploy a new site in minutes.

What’s next?

We are happy to go more in-depth into Cloudways offerings and how they might be relevant to designers and front-end developers if that’s helpful. Let us know in the comments if you’d like to learn more!

If you’re ready to start exploring, you can test out Cloudways with a $50 credit on us!

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