Over the past couple of years, the Drupal Community Working Group has talked about reviewing and possibly updating the existing Drupal Code of Conduct. The process has had several starts, but mainly due to contributor bandwidth hasn’t gained much traction to this point.

As reported in 2019, 

The current Drupal Code of Conduct was adopted in 2010 and last revised in 2014. Over the last two years, the CWG has received consistent feedback from the community that the Drupal Code of Conduct should be updated so that it is clearer and more actionable.

In the two years since, the Community Working Group has had several meetings focused on the Code of Conduct. They have identified some tasks, goals, and challenges including:

  • Reviewing Codes of Conduct from other communities.
  • Reviewing the findings from the community discussions led by Whitney Hess in 2017. 
  • How best to gather and utilize community feedback.

Recently, a group of Community Health Team members met to kickstart the process once again in hopes of finding the proper balance of tasks and timeline to determine what, if any, updates to the Code of Conduct are necessary. Community Health Team members at the first meeting include: 

The group, led by George DeMet, is still in the initial planning stages, trying to figure out a rough outline of tasks to achieve the goal. Our first activity was to work with a list of tasks and challenges to refine and organize them into logical groups, such as “project goals”, “what are we missing”, and “action items”.

Jamboard snippet
Snippet of the CoC update jamboard

We are still in the very early part of this effort, but are determined to keep momentum by having bi-weekly meetings, along with a blog post (like this) after each meeting to keep the community informed on the progress that’s being made and share opportunities for community participation.

Questions? Concerns? Let us know in the comments below!


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