So, you’re ready to get to work on your next animated video, huh? While that’s great news, don’t forget an important part of video planning: working out a feasible budget for your video production.

If you’re unsure of how much your animated video will cost, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about investing in animation services and the various factors that can cause your project’s price to go up or down. Let’s dive in.

Why Should You Invest in Animation Services?

If you’re curious if your brand should invest in video services, the statistics speak for themselves. According to The State of Video Marketing 2022 from Wyzowl, 92% of marketers claim that video is an important part of their marketing strategy, with 33% of companies creating animated videos.

As for why so many marketers are choosing to invest in animated video services, the top reason is simplicity. Animations allow brands to share messages quickly and in a way that engages an audience. This is especially useful for brands that need to break down complicated or abstract messages in a way that’s simple for their target audience to understand. Check out this video from Med Mart that shows how the app makes it easy for people to find the right medical professional:

In addition to getting the right message across to the right audience, an animated project also tends to be more affordable than a live-action video. Rather than finding talent and having a film crew spend days on location shooting, a professional animation team can use motion graphics to bring your visions to life.

Finally, marketers are choosing to invest in animated videos because, since they’re digitally made, these types of videos are easy to change. For example, if you need to revamp something in a product video — such as updating the product’s features or price — it’s much easier to make these adjustments to an animated video than to a live-action one.

How Much Does Animation Cost?

So, you know how professional animation services can take your video production to the next level, but how much does animation cost? Like other types of video services, animation isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why if you’ve discussed your animated film with different vendors, it’s likely that you’ve received a wide range of quotes — perhaps even anything between $3,000 and $10,000 per minute.

Why is it so difficult to specify the cost of animation services? And what affects animation costs? To determine the price of a specific animation, you’ll need to consider a few key elements:

Video Length

Many animation services base their prices on video length. The longer the video, the more animations needed and the higher the price.

Similarly, the scope of your project will also impact the price of your animation services. If you want to partner with a professional video marketing team to do everything, then the cost will increase. Examples of these types of additional services include scriptwriting, voice-over work, adding music to the animated video and providing language translations.

Keep in mind that while working with a professional team can raise the video’s cost, it can also help you create a video that delivers a high ROI.

Animation Style

Another factor that impacts video animation cost is the type of animation style your video uses: 2D vs. 3D vs. whiteboard animations.

Traditionally, 2D animation was hand-drawn for every frame. Today, animators can use graphic design programs to bring characters, objects and backgrounds to life. This CMS explainer video from HubSpot is a great example of what a video using 2D animations looks like:

On the other hand, 3D character animation uses height, width and depth manipulation to create life-like imagery. Therefore, a 3D animation tends to be more realistic than a 2D creation. Here’s an example of a lifelike 3D animated video from American Express, which the brand used to introduce its new cash-back policy:

However, 3D animations require more time, labor and special effects, thus causing them to cost more than a 2D animation.

If neither 3D nor 2D animations suit your needs — or budget — then there’s an alternative option: whiteboard animation. With this style, static images are drawn on the screen with someone narrating the story. While whiteboard animations are a bit more simple than 3D or 2D animations, they can still capture an audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

Take this whiteboard animation video from Redbull, a brand that frequently uses whiteboard animations in its campaigns:


Another factor that’ll impact the cost of your animation project is your desired timeline. Animation is tedious and takes a decent chunk of time. If you need a tight turnaround, expect to pay a higher cost to account for your animator working overtime to get your animations buttoned up and delivered on time.


Finally, the level of complexity and customization your video requires can cause your animation costs to rise. A generic video that’s built using premade templates won’t take nearly as long as a completely customized video. Therefore, the more customization, the higher the price.

However, there’s a catch: Generic animations might not be as successful in grabbing viewers’ attention. Custom-made and detailed animations, on the other hand, are more likely to deliver better engagement rates, helping your brand achieve its marketing goals.

How to Budget for Animation Services

Since the cost of animation work can vary, it can be difficult to create a budget for upcoming projects. To establish a budget, you’ll need to pin down a few specific details of what you’re looking to do with your video. They might include:

  • Video length: You pay for every minute of your video. So the more concise you can make your video, the lower the final cost.
  • Animation type: 3D elements will be the most expensive, followed by 2D animations. If you have a tight budget, a whiteboard video might be the most cost-friendly option for you.
  • Services needed: What services do you need to hire a professional team to handle? Will they just be creating the animations, or do you want a vendor to also get your video in the right marketing channels to ensure maximum views and engagement? The more your vendor does, the higher your price tag — but also the higher the ROI.
  • Number of videos: Will this be one video, or are you creating a series?
  • Number of characters in the video: The more drawings and creations, the bigger the budget you’ll need to construct your video.
  • Video placement: Are you creating a video that’s going to be hosted on your website and social media page, or will you need to allocate a portion of your budget for targeted ads.

When you understand what factors can increase your animation video’s cost, you can find areas to scale back and make adjustments so you can create an animation project that fits into your budget. For example, trimming your video by as little as 15 seconds can help lower the cost of your final product because every second makes a big difference when it comes to animations.

If you’re unsure of what to include or do with your video, it may help to have a consultation with a professional animation team. Specialists can help you determine how to create a video that fits your budget as well as how to get your video seen by your target audience.

Brafton Animation Services

When it comes to finding the perfect animated video services, you don’t have to look very far — you’re already here! Brafton’s animation services bring your story to life and convey complex messages without cleaning out your marketing budget. From short 2D animations to long-form 3D masterpieces, our team can create a video that packs a punch and drives the results you’re looking for.


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