Delivering a powerful range of functionality, Oracle GoldenGate is widely acknowledged as a market-leading data migration and Integration tool, by Gartner. Its credentials are solid and proven – but for many organisations there’s a significant cost challenge.

GoldenGate – the cost of management and monitoring

In addition to a GoldenGate license, users need additional management and monitoring packs to get the full benefits of the solution. As these are based on a CPU count, the extra costs can be eye-watering, especially for large cloud and on-premise GoldenGate supporting platforms.

For their own Cloud infrastructure (OCI), Oracle has expanded its subscription offering and moved to a consumption ‘pay as you use’ model, allowing users to benefit from utility style billing and operational cost savings. Unfortunately, this model has not been extended to other major public cloud providers.

As a result, Amazon AWS can only host GoldenGate Management Packs on a ‘Bring Your Own License’ (BYOL) basis.

Until today, organisations therefore had two choices. Either move their GoldenGate instances to Oracle OCI, or remain with AWS and invest in costly upfront licenses and technical support.

Now with 1Place, there’s a cost-effective alternative that also brings additional benefits.

1Place – a pioneering alternative to GoldenGate management and monitoring

A comprehensive management and monitoring tool for GoldenGate, 1Place is designed specifically to solve this pricing challenge. Built for the cloud, it’s a cost-effective ‘pay by the hour’ service based solely on consumption. It also delivers a visual dashboard that receives key monitoring metrics to unify the GoldenGate experience and make management significantly easier, even for complex migrations and integrations.

Additionally, 1Place has inbuilt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning integrated with automated trouble-shooting, offering added features without sacrificing application security and governance control.

5 key benefits about 1Place

1. Subscription pricing for less than $2 per hour – plus 24/7 support

Combining the scale and flexibility of the cloud with a competitive pricing model, 1Place can manage and monitor a range of GoldenGate installations for under $2 per hour – and that includes 24/7 support.

2. A single view dashboard – everything you need, all in one place

Rather than surfing between applications, 1Place brings together a wide range of functionality, data, metrics and alerts into a single easy-to-use dashboard, giving you real-time visibility of your investments. As well as helping you make informed decisions, this gives you the tools to respond more efficiently to issues.

1Place can also be fully integrated with other Public Cloud monitoring tools such as Amazon’s CloudWatch to minimise training and re-learning.

3. Manage all your GoldenGate Multi-Cloud instances from AWS

As a single point solution, 1Place can consolidate your GoldenGate instances across both AWS and Azure. This allows you to reduce cloud application management and increase security, while also lowering the skills required to operate multi-cloud deployments.

4. More pro-active, less support time and effort

As well as highlighting issues in real-time, integrated reporting and analytics enable trace analysis of historic data, helping you take proactive action to prevent future faults and problems.

1Place also gives you end-to-end visibility of the migration process, providing a complete picture of the extracts and replicates process without needing to log on to source and target servers. This saves time and effort and enables DBAs and Cloud Admins to streamline management reporting and get a holistic view of user experience.

5. 24/7 onboarding and ongoing support included

Available from public cloud marketplaces such as the Amazon Marketplace, 1Place is easy to install via a one-click download. It’s also intuitive to navigate, minimising the need for training and support. For total peace of mind, 1Place also provides easily accessible round-the-clock technical support and help.

In summary, with 1Place, GoldenGate Admins and DBAs will get full visibility and awareness of their GoldenGate estates, in-play migrations, replications and performance.

They’ll also realise significant cost savings through a pay-as-you-use pricing model. In other words, more features and benefits, less upfront expenditure and on-going cost.

1Place is offering a free 30-Days trial of 1Place GoldenGate Management Pack. To begin your free trial or to request a free consultation, visit: www.1Place1Cloud.com or download the trail from the Amazon AWS Marketplace by clicking here.

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