The New England Drupal Camp 2022 is in this weekend. We asked between 5 to 8 questions to every speaker at the camp via email/slack. Some questions were common to all, and some were specific. We also gave them a choice not to answer any particular question. The Drop Times got written responses from most of the speakers. We are publishing those short conversations as a series. Here is the second interview.  

Jacob Rockowitz, a consultant at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, helping them build and maintain their website, is also the president of the Big Blue House. This Saturday, he will talk about ‘Schema.org Blueprints for Drupal’ at 3.00 pm in the room, Rhode Island, as part of the conference day sessions of NEDCamp 2022. Let us hear from ‘jrockowitz.’

TDT: [1] A brief introduction about yourself and your work in Drupal

Jacob Rockowitz: I want to make people’s lives easier by solving complex problems with simple, well-thought-out solutions. 

TDT: [2] The community parlance is that ‘you come for the code but stay for the community.’ How did you first get introduced to the community?

Jacob Rockowitz: I came to the Drupal community via the classic tale of building and maintaining a custom CMS for a decade and realized there was a better way to leverage open-source code like Drupal and gradually become part of the community.

TDT: [3] Tell us about what you present in the New England DrupalCamp 2022 and who should attend your session. 

Jacob Rockowitz: At NED Camp, I am presenting a passion project I have been contemplating for a few years. I want to change how we approach building and maintaining our content models by leveraging Schema.org as the foundation for creating standardized entity types and fields in Drupal. Everyone should attend my session.

TDT: [4] Everyone is waiting for the Drupal 10 release this December. What is the most exciting feature of Drupal 10 for you?

Jacob Rockowitz: CKEditor5

TDT: [5] After multiple extensions of Drupal 7 end-of-life, a final sundown is set for November 2023. It has been around for a decade and is the most popular Drupal distribution to date. Even after extending the deadline, there are a lot of websites that still run on Drupal 7. What is your advice for people staying on Drupal 7?

Jacob Rockowitz: Evaluate your options and make a move. Drupal is only sometimes the right solution, depending on your requirements and resources.

TDT: [6] We benefit from your contributions to the webform module. Our readers would love to hear about the upcoming features on the web form.

Jacob Rockowitz: Honestly, the Webform module has enough features. The ecosystem of contributed models extending the Webform module keeps growing and providing new features. For example, I am most excited about Next.js Webform support being built out by Acquia.

TDT: [7] Your new project on Schema also seems exciting. Can you elaborate a little on the use of Schema and the discoverability of specific information?

Jacob Rockowitz: The Schema.org Blueprints module is appropriately named because it recognizes that Schema.org is becoming the de facto approach for structured data on the web. The module explores using Schema.org as a blueprint for universal content models. I hope the Schema.org Blueprints module will make it easier, faster, and simpler for organizations to author, maintain, and share content.


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