In this Episode: Mitigating quickly, Log and Blacklist Monitoring

So much effort often goes into building a website or project, creating content, keeping the site secure, backing it up, and all of the other tasks it takes to keep a site running smoothly. Thus we tend to overlook the best way to mitigate a site going down or slowing down: monitoring.

Vincent Van Megen, Head of Monitoring for Webpros, is here to tell us what site and server monitoring are, why they are important, how they work and the best way to set up monitoring for your site.

We also dig into 360 Monitoring, a new offering from Plesk/ Webpros that really lives up to its name. On top of site and server monitoring, it also offers log monitoring, blacklist monitoring, and much more.

Plus, in this episode, Vincent will provide insights into what you need to do when you get a dreaded downtime notification.


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