#19. Docker

Next on our list, we’ve got Moby Dock carrying a load of containers safely to shore. 

Docker, the most-loved tool in Stack overflow’s 2022 developer survey, is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. Deploy and manage containers with on-demand access to a wide range of modern technologies, choose from a catalog of available images, and install Docker containers to a remote node registered in Plesk. Allow yourself to deliver software more quickly together with Plesk.

Discount: 50% Off Docker Remote Node Management yearly license.

#20. Speed Kit

Do you have the need for speed? Well, kid, do you? 

This bad boy makes you run behind your websites like a tired dog trying to catch a rabbit. Literally, you won’t be able to keep up. The Speed Kit makes your websites go faster and faster, a one-click, top-notch solution to accelerate the gears of your website. 

How? By rerouting your web traffic through its catching infrastructure, that’s how! So, get ready to increase the speed to meet your need.

Discount: 50% Off Speed Kit 1 Domain yearly license.

#21. Plesk DNSSEC

DNSSEC stands for Domain Name System Security Extensions, and it is a mouth full. Let’s take a break. How are we doing? We’re almost at the finish. 

Let’s call in a friend. Elvis Plesky, are you there?

So, Elvis, correct me if I’m wrong: The Plesk DNSSEC is a series of words to describe a set of DNS protocols. The extension aims to sign DNS data to secure the domain name resolving process. 

Did I get that right, Elvis? Ok, the main thing to remember here is that the Plesk DNSSEC extension will make the internet safer and more secure place for all. Sounds too good to be true? Well, not according to Elvis Plesky!

Discount: 50% Off Plesk DNSSEC yearly license.

#22. KernelCare

My server. My precious.

KernelCare has a crush on your Linux server, and it won’t let go! Easily install kernel updates within minutes without the need to reboot your server. Perform bug fixes and security patches, enable rollbacks, and support automatic and manual updates every few hours. This extension is a live kernel patching service, ready to offer protection against critical issues and eager to rescue your Linux server with care.

Discount: 50% Off KernelCare yearly license.

#23. Cloudbric

Real-time security is as strong as a brick! You’ll need a Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee to wrestle through this.

Cloudbric truly stands as a brick. It is a rock-solid, easy-to-use, high-performance website security solution equipped with a patented logic-based cyber threat detection system. With real-time security for advanced WAF & DDoS protection, Cloudbric is keeping your websites safe.

Discount: 50% Cloudbric Singe Site Package yearly license.

#24. Web Host

Our final offer is the one you can’t refuse, the Plesk Web Host edition, VPS, or dedicated.

The Web Host license is designed especially for Web Hosters in mind, agencies looking to provide, customize and manage to host businesses on the next level. 

Embrace maximum flexibility, access to domain management tools, and the complete WP Toolkit – thank you very much – to support your multi-tenant, “install anything” business model. Enjoy unlimited domains and reseller, account, and subscription management while deploying the cGroups manager to control your resources.

Discount: 50% Off Web Host yearly license, VPS, or dedicated.


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