Bringing with her a magnetic personality and easygoing candor, Lauren Perrodin has been working at Brafton as a copywriter for over a year. Her first official day was April 14, 2021 — a day she says is “burned into her brain forever” because she was so excited to start. 

There’s so much more to Lauren than her killer content writing instincts, of course. So what led her to that fateful spring day? 

Writing as a Long-term Affair 

Creative writing and wordsmithing have always been something Lauren was drawn to. Par for the course, English was always her favorite subject as a kid, and she became known for writing short ghost stories. For someone with such an affinity for putting pen to paper (or fingers on the keyboard), writing in some capacity was destined to be part of her future. But fully embracing a writing life wasn’t always easy. 

“My first-grade teacher really lit that little flame, so [I liked writing] pretty much since I was a kid. But it’s definitely been like a journey trying to get this full-time position,” she said. 

A Florida native, Lauren went to school in New Hampshire for creative writing and communications, unsure where to go from there. She considered dipping her toes into the world of public relations, but that fling did not last too long after a chaotic stint as an executive assistant. Finally, she made her way back to the comforting world of words. 

After living in Colorado for a little bit, Lauren decided she wanted to move somewhere warmer … much warmer. That’s when she decided to take the leap and live in Hawaii, supporting herself with freelance writing gigs. All the while, she kept her eye set on one goal: becoming a full-time Brafton copywriter. It was just a matter of gaining experience and building a portfolio that she was proud of. 

Eventually, Lauren felt comfortable enough to begin the application process and landed a role with Brafton in April 2021. According to her, the job is perfect for her lifestyle and has always been on her goal list, so she was very excited about the confirmation. 

“I was super lucky I got the role at Brafton because it’s literally like my dream job. It’s not only remote and salaried, but also we have the freedom to go and work from wherever,” she said with a giant smile on her face. 

Since getting hired, Lauren’s perception of the company has held true, but she’s stayed for different and more inspiring reasons. Like the collaborative work style of the Editorial team and the wealth of opportunities available to write for all kinds of clients. Lauren says she feels supported through her team’s leadership and that she always knows she has the tools she needs to succeed —  which she undoubtedly will.

Finding a Work-life Balance

Now that she can cross “get my dream job” off her bucket list, Lauren has time to focus some energy on exploring different hobbies and interests. With her pet Chihuahua Italian Greyhound by her side, the options are limitless, and Lauren is ready to try just about everything … at least once. 

For example, right now Lauren’s learning how to play the guitar and recently went surfing for the first time. But she’s also trying watercolor painting. You may be sensing a pattern — and it’s true that Lauren has no one favorite hobby. Instead, she’s always down to try something new when it strikes her fancy. 

Being brave enough to branch out, exploring new ideas and interests, is something that permeates Lauren’s life (and might be her Scorpio sun sign taking control). Take her to move to Hawaii for example. It’s been her home for the last two years, but when she moved there, it was truly a dive into the unknown. 

“I think moving to Hawaii was really challenging just because it was the first place I moved to and I didn’t know anybody at all. I was trying to find a community and really had to put myself out there.” 

But for someone like Lauren, this was just another adventure worth pursuing — and one that eventually panned out in her favor. And we’ll leave you with this gem from the star writer herself: 

“Whatever I want to do in the future, Brafton has the tools and opportunity available to make it happen, which is awesome.” 


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