The obvious bias of being a writer is not lost on me when I say this … but good copywriting is always worth the investment.

Whether it’s a full-time team member, freelancer or agency partner, every marketing team needs someone who can craft words with finesse.

Keep scrolling to find out the who, what, when, where, why and how of outsourcing copywriting services. And if you don’t have time for all of it (don’t worry — I won’t be offended), you can skip to the sections you’re most interested in:

  1. What Can Copywriting Services Do for You?
  2. When Should You Outsource Your Copy?
  3. 5 Copywriting Services in the US
  4. 5 Copywriting Services in the UK
  5. 5 Copywriting Services in Australia
  6. How Copywriting Supports Your Marketing Strategy
  7. More Writing Advice, Please!

What Can Copywriting Services Do for You? 

Words elicit emotions and can convince people to take an action — and they’re also a driving factor of the coveted Page 1 search results. 

Written content is a significant element of any digital marketing strategy, and a professional writer can help drive the results you want through quality content that’s crafted to convert. 

Whether you work with an independent freelance writer or an experienced agency, you’ll be presented with a menu of copywriting services to choose from. The list will likely include a combination of the following types of copywriting.

Blog Posts

Blog content shines in the brand awareness arena, helping you get the word out about your product or service. A blog post is also the perfect content to share on social media or promote via email newsletters, so evergreen ones have an especially long shelf life.

A seasoned writer will provide everything from topic generation to keyword optimization so that all you have to worry about is publishing stellar blog content on a regular basis.

Business Articles

Much like blog content, business articles are long-form writing that boosts brand awareness. They generally require more in-depth research or interviews with subject matter experts because the goal is to tout your expertise and speak the lingo of others in the industry. 

Business articles are an especially effective tool for B2B brands, though some B2C companies may also utilize this type of writing service to establish thought leadership in the industry.

White Papers

Generally used for lead generation, white papers are the in-depth content that showcases industry expertise and thought leadership in a polished document. They require thorough research and expertly crafted copy to ensure readers are getting the value they expect out of the resource.

With all the work that goes into them, white papers are typically used as a form of gated content for marketers to move prospects along the buyer’s journey.


Concise and informative copy meets engaging design in visual assets commonly known as eBooks. They generally show up later in the user journey, serving as a resource that prospects are willing to trade their contact information to access. 

Though the content can be similar to a business article or white paper, every word counts in an eBook. They’re written with design in mind, knowing that visual elements will complement the message to communicate the entire story.

Considering the importance of visual components, you may want to consider outsourcing this type of content to an agency that can provide both copywriting and design services.

Web Copy and Landing Pages 

Your website is your company’s digital home, which means the copy should always be clear, engaging and in your brand’s voice. When you outsource web copy, the copywriting services can include anything from homepage and brand story copy to product descriptions and campaign pages.

Presentations and Decks

Need a slide deck that elevates your pitch to new levels? Utilize professional copywriting services for the concise copy that’s made for a presentation deck.

One Pagers and Sales Sheets

This short-form content can do everything from supporting your sales teams in their conversations to providing your prospects with bite-sized content that answers their burning questions. (That is if it’s written well, of course.) 

Much like an eBook, this content also requires some design skills for the best results. If you don’t have an in-house designer, this would be another opportunity to work with an agency that is a one-stop shop for your content creation needs.

Press Releases

Don’t let your next big announcement miss the news cycle because you didn’t have time to write a press release. This type of copywriting service will help you snag more media mentions and reach more prospective customers.

Email Marketing Content

A professional writer can help you with several elements of email marketing strategy, including newsletters, email campaigns and one-off blasts. They can handle everything from a subject line that encourages opens to body copy and CTAs that bring in the clicks.

Social Media Content

Copywriting services also include social media posts across platforms. Whether you need help with an ongoing content calendar or a specific campaign, there’s a writer out there who can make it happen.

Advertising Copy

A copywriter knows how to write content that sells, so you can count on them for online display ads, commercial scripts, billboard copy, social media advertising, posters, direct mail and any other kind of advertisement you want to distribute.

Video, Radio and Podcast Scripts

You don’t have to go to Hollywood for your next video, radio or podcast script. This kind of content is also included in copywriting services, especially at digital marketing agencies that also have the in-house talent to produce and record the scripts that the editorial team writes.


Though infographics are a highly visual type of content, they always start in a writer’s hand. After all, someone has to find the data and write concise copy for the designer to bring to life. 

SEO Writing

As long as people rely on the instant gratification of online searches, SEO copywriting will be important for brands. SEO copy with optimized keywords and phrases that speak directly to search engines is key to ending up in your target audience’s search results.

Product Copy

If you need help describing your product or service, a copywriter is your answer. Think product or service descriptions, labels, copy for packaging and so on.

Brand Copywriting

Brand copywriting services are there for newcomers as well as veterans who need to take it back to basics or refresh their current branding. This includes content that supports and communicates a brand’s value and vision, such as taglines, mission statements or positioning statements.

Technical Writing

Some writers specialize in specific types of content, and technical writing is a big one for niche fields like software, engineering, robotics, finance, biotechnology and more. A technical writer may also have experience creating content like software user guides or instruction manuals.

Copy Editing

Every good writer needs an editor. This is why copywriters and agencies will often provide copy editing services. Not only can they edit their own work, but they can also proofread, edit and format the assets you produce in-house.

When Should You Outsource Your Copy?

While marketers can hone their copywriting skills to achieve their content marketing goals, there are common roadblocks like time, resources and skill levels that sometimes get in the way.  

Some telltale signs that it’s time to outsource your copy include:

  • You’re spending too many hours writing content to maintain quality and consistent publishing schedules.
  • Your team doesn’t have the writing skills and/or capacity to produce the quality, amount or type of content that your strategy requires.
  • The business is growing too fast to scale copywriting efforts without support.
  • You don’t have the budget to hire in-house copywriters or content writers.
  • Your company is targeting a new market and you need a writer who knows how to speak the audience’s language.
  • The volume of your content needs fluctuates based on season, projects or campaigns.
  • Your content isn’t producing your ideal marketing results.

If you’re feeling any or all of the above needs for copywriting services, hiring a professional writer or agency will be like adding a new team member without the heavy lifting of recruitment and onboarding. The benefits include:

  • Utilizing writing skills and expertise for better content.
  • Maintaining flexibility for short-term or long-term writing support.
  • Adding SEO expertise to your content strategy.
  • Accessing paid SEO tools and software for optimized content.
  • Gaining fresh perspectives and strategic advice.

When you’re ready to outsource, you’ll want to consider factors like budget, location, capacity, experience, reviews and content creation processes when finding the best copywriting services to meet your needs.

Remember that great copy also requires the right design and formatting to stand out from your competition’s content. Consider working with an agency for multiple marketing services or make sure you work design costs into your budget as well.

5 Copywriting Services in the US

1. Brafton

With writers who are full-time team members, Brafton’s robust editorial department can fulfill any of your writing needs. Our copywriting services include all of the content types listed above, plus we’re always open to producing custom content for our clients. 

We hire industry-focused content writers who excel at nailing tone, style and subject matter so you can expect high-quality deliverables that speak to your target audience, drive commercial results and stick to your deadlines.

Brafton is also a full-service content marketing agency, so we can offer support in other areas of marketing strategy as well.

View Brafton’s copywriting services.

2. Content Powered

If your top priority is blog writing, Content Powered has the copywriting services for you. This agency’s team is filled with blog experts who can plan, write, edit, optimize and publish evergreen content for your company. 

Content Powered prides itself on being a fully-managed blog content service with an uncompromising level of quality at affordable prices.

View Content Powered’s copywriting services.

3. Fiverr

For those who want to go the freelance route, Fiverr is a trusted option. The freelance services marketplace allows you to search for vetted copywriters. From rookies to veterans, you can find copywriters with varying levels of experience and freelance rates. 

With such a large and varied selection of writers, we recommended using Fiverr’s filters to narrow your search results. Once you find some potential candidates, you can view their profiles for information about work experience, portfolios and reviews.

View Fiverr’s copywriting services.

4. Content Cucumber

Content Cucumber offers a unique model that falls somewhere between working with an agency and individual freelancers. The company offers copywriting services at a flat monthly rate through simple plans and a dedicated professional writer.

Though offering add-ons like SEO strategy, stock photography and topic generation, Content Cucumber is exclusively focused on the written word.

View Content Cucumber’s copywriting services.

5. Victorious

If you’re in the market for SEO copywriting services, Victorious is one of our top picks. The agency focuses on specific services, including SEO strategy and analytics, keyword research, SEO audit, on- and off-page SEO and optimized content.

View Victorious’ SEO copywriting services.

5 Copywriting Services in the UK

1. Brafton

If it involves writing copy, Brafton’s robust team of full-time writers can handle it. 

Our editorial department is filled with experts in various tones, styles and subject matters — and even if their home base isn’t in the U.K., our writers are well-versed in British English spelling and grammar. Your organisation’s content will be ‘in good hands’, mate.

Brafton offers all of the copywriting services listed above, and our U.K. clients are also privy to custom content and other end-to-end services as needed.

View Brafton’s copywriting services.

2. Copify

When you don’t have the time to hire a full-time writer or freelancer, Copify is your friend. The firm has a large network of vetted copywriters that can connect you with quickly. Once introductions are made, your assigned writer can deliver high-quality content in a matter of days. 

Copify’s copywriting services include web copy, blogging, article writing, press releases, email marketing and more. They’re trusted by big names like Amazon, Deloitte and eBay.

View Copify’s copywriting services.

3. Upwork

For marketing teams that are looking to add a freelance writer or two to their toolbox, Upwork is another good place to go. It’s a freelance marketplace where you can search for top freelance copywriting talent across the U.K.

Freelancer profiles include portfolios, work experience, hourly rates and client reviews. If you have a specific project in mind, you can also post a job that freelancers will bid to work on. 

View Upwork’s copywriting services.

4. Statton Craig

The wordsmiths at Statton Craig have been in the business since 1987, so it’s a well-oiled machine run by a specialist team of copywriters, journalists, brand language consultants, content strategists, project managers and proofreaders.

Statton Craig’s copywriting services include content writing, SEO copywriting, tone of voice, social media content writing, reporting writing, annual report writing and more. The team can also help you develop a strategy to support all of the content you need.

View Statton Craig’s copywriting services.

5. Goodman Lantern

This London-based content marketing agency specializes in content production and SEO strategy. Goodman Lantern’s writers can produce compelling content across various industries — and the 48-hour onboarding process means they will get to work on your content with speed.

This service has a few plans to choose from, including bespoke pricing that you can customize to your needs. For companies with a healthy budget for outsourcing content, Goodman Lantern could be the ideal extension to your team.

View Goodman Lantern’s copywriting services.

5 Copywriting Services in Australia

1. Brafton

Tooting our own horn one last time, Brafton’s writing services are also available in Australia. 

Though we’re now a complete end-to-end content marketing agency, Brafton’s roots are in content writing, and we continually invest in the best writers in the industry.

With industry-focused content writers who are pros at nailing your brand’s tone, style and subject matter, you can count on Brafton for copywriting services that speak to your target audience, drive business results and meet even your most pressing deadlines.

View Brafton’s copywriting services.

2. Upwork

If you’d rather work with a freelancer than an agency, spend some time on Upwork. The freelance marketplace has a large selection of pre-approved freelance copywriting talent across Australia.

There are two ways to use Upwork: Search freelancer profiles or post a job for freelancers to bid on. Either way, you can end up on a freelancer profile that shows you portfolios, work experience, hourly rates and client reviews.

View Upwork’s copywriting services.

3. Avion Agency

This content strategy and copywriting agency specializes in the finance, tech, health, education and nonprofit sectors. This industry expertise means Avion’s writers know how to drive valuable customer experience and help their clients work smarter while minimizing risk.

If your company falls within one of Avion’s industry of expertise, you can go to the agency for web copy, copy editing, SEO content, UX copy optimization and more.

View Avion Agency’s copywriting services.

4. Editor Group

This small yet mighty agency was “founded in 1998 with the mission to do one thing well: words.” 

Editor Group’s writers and editors craft the words behind leading businesses and government organizations mostly based in Australia, Singapore and the U.S., though they provide their services globally.

Editor Group can deliver writing, editing, proofreading, indexing, writing training, style guides and even an AI-powered editing platform. The agency essentially handles anything you need to write or edit — ads, annual reports, articles, emails, websites, speeches and so on.

View Editor Group’s copywriting services.

5. Discovery Content

Discovery Content is a strong partner for companies looking for top search engine results. Rated among the top SEO services providers in Australia, the agency offers affordable support that helps small businesses boost their online presence and search recognition.

This firm’s solutions include writing for local, mobile, e-commerce and international SEO, as well as classic copywriting services like content research, blogs, web copy, white papers, infographics and video scripts.

View Discovery Content’s copywriting services.

How Copywriting Supports Your Marketing Strategy

Working with a freelance writer or marketing agency for copywriting services will help your brand produce the high-quality writing that’s important for any marketing strategy.

The reasons for good copywriting are aplenty:

  • Tell a compelling brand story — including why someone should buy, support, follow or trust your company.
  • Maintain consistency in brand tone, voice and message.
  • Define a distinctive brand personality.
  • Speak directly to your target audience with messages that resonate.
  • Provide helpful content and resources for prospects to engage with.
  • Attract new users to your website.
  • Share website content that convinces website visitors to become customers.
  • Gain trust and loyalty with your audience.
  • Evoke emotions that inspire action and solidify opinions.
  • Build a community around your brand. 
  • Support your content marketing strategy through SEO, social media and email marketing.

With the right combination of in-house talent and outsourced support, you can ensure your brand has the copywriting chops to stand out from the crowd and reach your sales and marketing goals.

More Writing Advice, Please!

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