We’re happy to announce that WP Toolkit v6.0 is now available and it comes with one of the biggest product changes we have ever introduced: the long awaited REST API. Apart from this game-changer, our latest release also fulfills a number of popular customer requests, so without further ado, let’s dive into details.


Many of our partners have been requesting the WP Toolkit API for quite some time. Some expressed the desire to use the API for integration with WP Toolkit to automate their user flow. Others wanted to build their own solution on top of WP Toolkit. All these activities are now possible.

As a rule of thumb, if you can do something from the Installations tab GUI, you can do it via API. You can even build your own custom WP Toolkit UI to offer your own user experience that’s unique to your company.

We’ll continue adding API methods until 100% of WP Toolkit functionality is fully covered, making sure that WP Toolkit becomes a true “API-first” product. Our goal is to ensure our partners can use WP Toolkit as the foundation to implement whatever integration they want, and build whatever WP management solution they desire.

You can access the REST API documentation right in the product:


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