Write and Publish Your Newsletter on WordPress.com

WordPress.com has built-in features to send new posts out as an email newsletter – automatically.

Newsletters have become one of the most powerful and popular ways to reach audiences directly with your content. What you might not know is that WordPress.com has built-in features to send new posts out as an email newsletter – automatically. We’re proud to power tens of millions of emails from WordPress.com sites every day, keeping readers up to date with the latest stories from their favorite creators. 

We’re introducing WordPress.com Newsletter – with its own dedicated theme – to make it even easier to get up and running without going through the full website-building process. Newsletter gives you a place to write and build an audience, with the flexibility of WordPress under the hood to grow in many different directions.

The simplicity of a newsletter. The power of WordPress.

One of the things that sets Newsletter apart is having the power and tools of WordPress.com to hand when it comes to personalizing and growing your newsletter. 

With WordPress.com Newsletter you can:

  • Add unlimited email subscribers
  • Import subscribers from other platforms
  • Launch with a beautiful, ready-made theme or customize every detail with a myriad of Block Patterns 
  • Stylize your newsletter with a background image, site icon, and accent color 
  • Schedule email publishing
  • Monetize your site (stay tuned for more paid subscription features)
  • Use a free .blog subdomain or connect a custom domain with one of our paid plans
  • Publish on the go with Post by Email – making writing a newsletter as simple as sending an email

Connect directly with your audience.

Whether you’re publishing brilliantly-crafted essays, updates for friends and family, or running a flash sale for your store, having a direct connection with your audience can make all the difference. 

Newsletters have become an incredibly popular way to reach your followers through their email inboxes. Email newsletter engagement is that much higher than on social channels, with a much better shot of your readers clicking through to your site.

Start a Newsletter from scratch.

If you’re thinking about starting from scratch, we’ve added a streamlined flow to create your own beautiful newsletter site in minutes. 

Choose an accent color, add a logo, pencil in a quick description, give your newsletter a name, and you’re ready to start writing your first post.

Add a Newsletter to your existing site.

If you already have a WordPress.com website, it’s pretty simple to let your audience subscribe to it as a newsletter. 

Add a Subscribe Block or one of our Newsletter Subscription Patterns to your site, and you’re done. Readers who subscribe by adding their email address will be notified whenever you publish new posts. If you need a little more help getting set up, check out our support guide to get started. 

And if you’d rather make a fresh newsletter – separate from your existing site – you can get started here

Help shape what comes next.

Just as WordPress.com continues to evolve, we’re also progressing the WordPress.com Newsletter experience. We’ll continue to roll out additional features to help you connect with your readers through newsletters. Give WordPress.com Newsletter a try and let us know what you think! 

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